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Matt Pham, aka Feelmonger, is an electronic music producer currently based out of Raleigh, North Carolina whose aim is to take listeners on an auditory adventure, helping them to escape reality and focus on the music. His sound is defined by complex bass lines, intense and intricate layering, and a unique unpredictability that always has listeners craving the next drop.
Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Matt was raised as part of a large family which made his musical upbringing diverse, to include 90s rock, early 90s techno, love ballads, Kenny G sax solos, classical music, R&B, and so much more. Feelmonger takes all of these influences and ties them into his take on experimental bass music, neatly tying it all together with pulsating sub-bass, pounding drums, and a wide range of emotions.

With support from both industry-leading acts and underground scene leaders, Feelmonger has cemented his status as one to watch.