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Andrew Blair Butler is the creative mind behind electronic Producer/DJ, GATZB.

The Oklahoma City, OK-native GATZB’s journey in music began in 2013, when he received a demo version of Fruity Loops (FL Studio). While the fledgling producer was unable to save any of his work at the time, he discovered a love for sonic discovery and experimentation. In 2014, he committed via an upgrade to Ableton and Maschine, which would lead to him furthering his quest at Icon Collective in Burbank, CA. 

After graduation, GATZB would spend a brief stint in Denver, Colorado, where he would link up with MorFlo Records. This would lead to bookings and collabs (“Día de los Muertos”) with the label’s curator Mersiv, as well as solo releases on MorFlo (“Get Down.”) His sound can be described as eccentric and unconventional, aspiring to contemporaries like Liquid Stranger and Nero. GATZB’s plan is to dive into an abyss of sound design and always be open to new sonic adventures.

Today, GATZB resides in his home state of Oklahoma to pursue a separate dream. Now that he has finally found a foundation with his project, the producer is ready to share his transcendent journey with all.