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Twin sisters, Rae and Cola, known together as raecola, are dis and producers making a wave in the house scene. With their underground, booty bass sound, these sisters add edge and a new era feel to each set with their beats and connection with the crowd. Hailing from Chicago, the birthplace of house music, raecola pays due to the foundation of this genre, while paving the road for what’s to come. Catch them spinning in a city near you.

Chicago born twin sisters, Rae and Cola, put together their music interest and talents in the duo, raecola. Growing up on the Southside, the twins were introduced to ghetto house at a young age and instantly fell in love with the contagious drum beats. As they grew older, they combined their love for ghetto house with other eclectic music they enjoyed to create their own sound within the house scene. With a passion for connection and love, they raise the vibrations and energy with each set, encouraging all to have fun with no judgement and with unconditional love for thy neighbor.

Rae and Cola, known together raecola, are Chicago born twin producers and DJs. They specializes in producing self-renouned Ghetto Tech House.  They create this genre by fusing “Ghetto House” with “Tech House” to create irresistable drumbeats, slapping basslines, and enticing vocals. With musical influences like DJ Slugo, Ghettoblaster and DJ Godfather, raecola emulates a juke style while incorporating their own new era signature sound.



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